Mi Car Charger Pro

The Mi Car Charger Pro provides 18w fast charging for mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, digital cameras, etc.

From $34.95

When the dual-port is output at the same time, it can charge two devices and perform intelligent distribution with a total power of up to 15w. A LED light is added to the top to accurately indicate the location of the interface during dark nights, making it easy to charge your mobile device. It features an integrated streamlined design and a high-frequency brass housing that greatly enhances heat dissipation. The built-in smart chip allows the charger to intelligently distribute power. Even when working at high currents, it can control its own temperature well. Metal-elastic contact design for different sizes of cigarette lighters and power connectors. It can carry both 12V/24V input and is compatible with a wide range of car models.

61.8 x 25.8 x 25.8mm
Connection ports
Dual USB ports
5.0V/2.4A,9.0V/2A Max,12V/1.5A Max
Operating Temperature
0°C to 30°C


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